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The Customer Assessment Game™

Prepare for the coaching of your account teams, know who, what and where to develop the selling and coaching skills

Step 4

Become the #1 Choice How do you beat competition with knowing the buying criteria of the Decision Making Unit.

Step 2

Prepare to compete Define your opportunity and account strategy, prepare treasury chest questions.

Step 5

Close the deal Negotiate and realize the value you and your company is worth.

Step 3

Know the customers needs What are the measurable needs and challenges of the Decision Making Unit.

Step 6

Achieve results Prove what you promised, exceed expectations, become the trusted supplier and be introduced to new opportunities.

Virtual Sales Academy

Our state of the art Virtual Sales Academy is designed to help your people win deals. It is sales training reimagined; an online, cloud-based academy that delivers over 50 hours of high impact sales skills across your sales organization 24/7. It allows you to combine the effectiveness of real-world training with the efficiency of e-learning.


Commercial strength is about working together. True cooperation and being transparent in sharing information of customers with all parts of the company, is at the core of the change that we bring about. In this way we enable our clients to sell their products and services effectively and to tie lasting customers as a team, based on the discovery of actual needs and the addition of measurable value.


We are successful when we implement a method ‘made to measure’ for each client on it’s own. The sooner your team members anchor the changed way of commercial thinking into their own DNA and achieve the targeted results, the more successful we will both be. The implementation concept of KtotK is based on a personal orientated face-to-face approach combined with the Virtual Sales Academy.