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Imparta Virtual Sales Academy™

As an associate of Imparta we are privileged to offer our clients the full benefits of the Imparta Virtual Sales Academy™. The Virtual Sales Academy is sales training reimagined; an online, cloud-based Academy that delivers over 50 hours of high impact sales skills across your sales organization 24/7.

The Imparta Virtual Sales Academy allows you to combine the effectiveness of real-world training with the efficiency of e-learning. It provides an academy structure for a fraction of the cost and for immediate impact, can enrich and supplement existing sales or coaching program. It also empowers your managers by giving them a carefully defined context in which to coach.

The Virtual Sales Academy offers 50 hours of modular training that can be configured to meet your needs. It draws on the proven researched “Creating Client Value’ sales methodology that powers the global sales teams of all global acting Imparta clients.

Experiential learning
Our modular approach is designed around Kolb’s experiential learning theory, and is ideally suited to busy salespeople, millennial learners and 70:20:10 learning cultures. It includes assessments but also gamification and virtual role plays. The Academy’s design reflects the need to continually engage and motivate learners. The variety of learning formats maintains their interest while the interactive components appeal to millennial learners. The modular approach allows busy salespeople to develop their skills in short, manageable sessions.

Sales training solutions for geographically dispersed sales teams
Bringing sales teams together when they are in multiple locations is expensive and time-consuming. The Virtual Sales Academy provides constant access to proven, researched sales content and skills development opportunities. Sales teams build their core skills locally, and managers are able to build the Academy’s extensive training into coaching and team development plans. The Academy can be rolled out across multiple locations quickly and easily.

Optimizing Your Sales Training Budget
In the past face- to-face training has been replaced by online learning programs that have neither been sufficiently engaging or skill based to have comparable impact. The Virtual Sales Academy is the first digital sales program to genuinely build and test sales skills online. It removes the traditional training costs associated with travel, accommodation, and loss of selling time. Roll outs can be rapid and extensive, and additional training on product, customers, and internal sales processes integrated into the Academy as needed.

Want to know more?
We are happy to sit down and discuss how we, as an associate of Imparta, can help you take full advantage of the Virtual Sales Academy. Please contact us as and we’ll get things rolling.