To develop maximum customer value, KtotK has entered into a strategic alliance with an expert in the field of organizational and personal development: SKUS Coaching & Consulting. KtotK and SKUS Coaching & Consulting form a strong synergy based on their in-depth expertise in the field of ODC®, Organizational Development and Commercial Effectiveness. We collaborate and co-create under the name SKUS + KtotK. Together we provide support to organizations in improving their (commercial) performance.

We develop, challenge, support, train and coach people based on the KtotK PPC concept.

PPC stands for People-Process-Coaching, a development concept for account teams and their leaders working in the B2B market, facing complex customer buying cycles.

  • People: Acquire insight in the complete picture of available natural strengths and skillsets, enabling to uncover the rich seam of untapped potential. Establishment of personalized development plans based on potential and talents , both for individuals and teams.
  • Process: Customer-centric training concept to challenge and develop the potential of account managers and leaders, thus creating more customer value.
  • Coaching: Anchoring of the potential of the account team on a daily basis by colleagues and coaching by leaders, based on the created coaching platform.

Through the strategic collaboration with SKUS and the integration of their expertise into KtotK PPC, we will be able to improve the commercial performance of our customers even more effectively.

Odin Development Compass (ODC)

SKUS + KtotK uses a unique measuring instrument to match (commercial) talent to the different phases in the Customer Buying Cycle, as well as for selection and development assessments and as a kickstart for (executive) coaching; the Odin Development Compass (ODC). The ODC measuring instrument is the only method that distinguishes between the unconscious motives/driversand consciously chosen competences (preferred behavior) of people. In combination, this provides a thorough insight into the authentic, natural talents, the (untapped) developable potential and the vulnerable strength (shadow, or learned behavior) of the professional. With this ODC predicts functional and dysfunctional behavior under (major) stress. ODC has a very high 0.78 correlation coefficient for this type of personality measurement, which makes the results of the measurement highly valid and reliable.

Thanks to our approach with the ODC, observations and ‘gut feeling’ among our customers make way for well-founded analysis and substantiated choices when it comes to investments in the ‘human capital’ of the organization and the approach to commercial effectiveness. The ODC is also particularly valuable in the composition and development of (commercial) teams and organizations.

The ODC assessment clarifies how a team can excel by bringing together the right people and focusing on the right positions. It provides insight into the natural talents and pitfalls of employees, so that they can be empowered to the maximum, preventing dysfunction and burnouts.

For (commercial) executives and individual professionals, the ODC assessment can make the difference at various career and life intersections. The ODC provides direction among others for the following questions:

  • Which tasks / responsibilities cost me energy or give me energy?
  • Does my current work really suit me and which next career step would be good for me?
  • What commercial, leadership and / or managerial qualities do I have?
  • How can I regain my personal balance, stay or become fit and healthy and prevent a burnout?
  • I encounter the same obstacles in every job. How can I break this pattern?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for improving the commercial performance of your team or organization, about selection or development assessments, coaching or organizational development in a broader sense? SKUS + KtotK will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.