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The brand name KtotK dates back to the 90’s and stands for “Kontakt tot Kontrakt©”. Customer KPI’s and challenges often challenge the specific capabilities of our clients. This challenge generates chances to increase measurable value and guarantee long-lasting and valuable relationships with those customers. Anchoring this process in commercial organizations is the core competence and quality of the KtotK team.


“We develop, challenge, support, train and coach people!” based on the PPC concept


Our Approach: PPC



PPC stands forPeople-Process-Coaching, a development concept for account teams and their leaders working in the B2B market, facing complex customer buying cycles.


  • People; Acquire insight in the complete picture of available natural strengths and skillsets, enabling to uncover the rich seam of untapped potential. Establishment of personalized development plans based on potential and talents , both for individuals and teams.
  • Process; Customer-centric training concept to challenge and develop the potential of account managers and leaders, thus creating more customer value.
  • Coaching; Anchoring of the potential of the account team on a daily basis by collegues and coaching by leaders, based on the created coaching platform





The KtotK trainers and coaches are our strategic partners. With these partners, KtotK is able to implement our expertise in Europe. For global projects we work together with global trainingpartners.