In line with Mourik Industry’s Route ’25 strategy, KtotK has developed the commercial training ‘Customer-oriented acceleration’ for Mourik. A team of 36 commercial managers successfully completed this training last year.

In five inspiring sessions, the Mourik team worked on their commercial strategy and the associated new skills. The aim of the training was to learn to think and act even more from the customer’s perspective. Mourik wants to offer their customers even more added value. To do this, it is important to understand the customer even better. The ‘Customer-oriented acceleration’ training goes into this in more detail.

Jan Jansen provided the training to Mourik’s team, as KtotK specializes in developing and realizing commercial training courses.

“It was exceptionally inspiring to play the role of coach during the commercial development of these participants”, says Jan. “It’s always great to see that during these trainings, the participants become increasingly aware that by translating services into value, more opportunities arise and even more value can be created for customers.”

Ellen Faber, head of calculations and participant in the training, initially experienced the training as rather abstract. “But during the training and after sparring with colleagues, I have increasingly come aware of its importance. For instance, I learned that customer contact with “IB people “- contacts with Influence and Decision-Making Power – lies mainly outside our calculation department. Now I see how important it is to involve colleagues who maintain the customer contact in the tender process, even more than we already did.”

Ellen found sparring with her colleagues extremely valuable. “I think that work session 4 was the most inspiring: Presentation of value. It provided us with tools to improve our quotations and make them even more effective. Here we learned to increase our chances by getting outside of the competition area and acquire the assignment with a good margin.”

Mourik has completed this phase of its commercial training, and is now evaluating internally how they can further share the valuable insights gained within their organization in a practical way.