We take your privacy very seriously. We will not try to determine your indentity. Directly or indirectly, for example through other websites or third party services. Below we would like to explain what we do to protect your privacy, what information we collect and what we will not do with the data.

Which data do you collect?
When you fill out a form on our website you will send us information. Which we store in our systems/software that we manage.

What do you do with that data?
We use the data for what they are intended: for example, a tailored quote or requesting additional information.

Which data do you collect?
We follow your behavior on our website. We note on which page you came in, how long you stayed, how many pages you were viewing and so on. We do this with cookies.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a tiny file that is placed on your computer when you visit our website. That is not unique, almost every website you visit places a cookie on your computer. This cookie will show us, (for example) if you were on our website before. What we cannot see is who you are, where you live, how old you are etc. A cookie is anonymous.

What do you do with the “cookie information”?
We hope to learn how we can make our website even better and improve our page.

Are you using Google Analytics?
Yes we do. Your personal data will not be able to be traced back with this cookie either.

What if I have further questions?
If you have any questions about our privacy policy (for example, if there is still something not clear above) then we would like to hear from you.
Please e-mail to