Next Level of Commercial Leadership & Account Management Excellence

The KtotK Training & Coaching Programs have been designed around the Customer Buying Cycle (CBC) with customers’ decisions making process at all stages in mind.

Hybrid Account Management Excellence Training & Coaching Program

The hybrid Account Management Excellence Program combines the best of both worlds’ training dynamics. Digital preparation and workshops empowered with a few face to face workshops and on-line virtual business coaching make this program valuable.

Learners practice a learning journey, that returns the full value of their training investment. An investment with as less as possible travel cost. The program is based on the High Performance Learning Journey Methodology.


Commercial strength is about working together. True cooperation and being transparent in sharing information of customers with all parts of the company, is at the core of the change that we bring about. In this way we enable our clients to sell their products and services effectively and to tie lasting customers as a team, based on the discovery of actual needs and the addition of measurable value.


We are successful when we implement a generic method for each individual client. The sooner your team members have anchored their now changed way of commercial thinking into their own DNA and start achieving the targeted results, the more successful we will be.

Implementation is the name of the game

Modern state-of-the-art hybrid training technologies, combined with face to face training and coaching make our implementation stick and secure the investment of our customers. The Keyscan, , Training & Coaching workshops, Deal coaching sessions  are examples of interventions we use in the “Account Management Excellence Training Program”.

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