Account Based-Engagement conveys the integration between marketing & account management to defend & grow future business with Key accounts. It integrates Account-Based Marketing and Account Management Excellence (ABM & AME).

It requires a well thought out account strategy and close cooperation between account management & marketing.

Why is this Marketing & Key Account Management team performance for the implementation of an Account Based Engagement program so important?

  • Marketing & Account Management in many companies need to upgrade their cooperation for the implementation of the challenging Account Based Engagement program.
  • Strategic marketing and marketing communication perform on company level but with Account Based Engagement now also must perform on Key Account level.
  • The implementation of Account Based Engagement requires the adaption of new marketing and account management technologies.
  •  The major shift to sustainable solutions requires the right innovations and capabilities. This is equally important as the engagement with all stakeholders, including C-level of the Key Accounts.
  • Competition is growing on your key accounts and it is empowering itself with all new innovations and capabilities.
  • Focussing on communication of the right message with the right stakeholders on the right frequency, becomes a key success factor.
  • Controlling, by account management, on all phases of the complex Customer Buying Cycles becomes more critical than ever before.

What is the KtotK approach for this development?

The basis of our concept is the understanding of Customer Buying Cycles (CBC) of the company’s key accounts. Accounts which represent a substantial part of revenue and probably > 70% of net profit.

These Key accounts deserve an integrated “one tot one” Account Based Marketing and Account Management Excellence approach, empowered with valuable capabilities and innovations.


Marketing and Account Management will face a substantial change in doing business with their Key Accounts. The road to a successful implementation requires a step-by-step approach. We have defined a 7-step program. These steps are illustrated in the following figure:

To learn more about the KtotK Account-Based Engagement program and the content of the 7 steps, please contact:

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