KtotK is looking for ambitious candidates to give shape and substance to their own company based on the KtotK Account Management Excellence Training Program.

We, Peter Weertman and Jan Jansen have built a successful KtotK company over the past 20 years. We are now entering a new phase, where there will be room for people who can and want to pull their own cart and who have the capacity to structurally increase the commercial strength of companies through training and coaching.

KtotK has developed the right concepts for this, if you have the right qualities, energy, independence and ambition, please contact us to become an independent trainer/coach after having had a career as a sales manager in the capital goods market . For information see our website KtotK.nl or contact me on tel. +31 653290938

KtotK and Keyminds have decided to integrate the KtotK Account Management Excellence and Keyminds’ Keyscan. They have agreed to join forces and work together to market their co-creation. For information on Keyminds go to keyminds.nl

With its product Keyscan, Keyminds is a specialist in development assessment, discovering the hidden capabilities and full potential of account managers during the specific phases of the Customer Buying Cycle.

KtotK has developed the Hybrid Account Management Excellence Training Program. This program was designed with the Customer Buying Cycle in mind, with special focus on the customers’ decision making process at all stages. In its Account Management Excellence Training Program, KtotK addresses this potential and challenges the Account Managers – and the Accountteam – to develop their full potential.

There are 4 phases in the Customer Buying Cycle (CBC). KtotK covers these phases with 5 KtotK Excellence Training Interventions:

  1. Concretise the Needs by “Value Awareness”
  2. The Selection Proces by “Become#1”
  3. The Purchase by “Partner”
  4. The Implementation of the Solution by “Relation Excellence, and
  5. Becoming a “Trusted Partner”.

Every phase of the Customer Buying Cycle requires specific competences by both the Account Manager and the Account Team.

Both Keyminds and KtotK are looking forward to cooperate in this joint effort allowing synergy to strengthen their proposition.

On the picture from left to right Willemijn Jüttner, Willem Jüttner (both Keyminds) and Jan Jansen (KtotK)

Na een periode van 5 jaar als lid van de Raad van Advies, neemt Jan Jansen afscheid als adviseur van de directie van Omix. Waar Omix in 2018 nog met ongeveer 40 medewerkers aan de organisatie van het onderwijs werkte, zijn dat er inmiddels bijna 130 geworden – en we groeien nog steeds door. Omix bedankt Jan voor zijn inzichten, adviezen en zijn betrokkenheid van de afgelopen jaren.

Het moment is gekomen om het stokje over te dragen aan een adviesorgaan die de toekomstige Omix organisatie met andere uitdagingen gaat ondersteunen. We zullen Jan niet geheel uitzwaaien, voor specifieke projecten blijft hij nog betrokken bij Omix.

Wij kijken met zijn allen terug op een bijzondere en succesvolle samenwerking!

In 2022, the management team of Rondal decided to develop and start implementing a new and robust strategy for its commercial activities. And chose KtotK to assist in the process. Rondal is part of Royal Huisman Group and has evolved into a carbon fibre specialist –  building parts and components for many award-winning super-yacht builders around the globe.


Jan Jansen proudly wearing the Rondal sailing outfit on his trip around Sardinië and Corsica.

About KtotK

KtotK (Kontakt to Kontrakt) supports companies working in the B2B environment that are confronted with complex buying cycles, and helps them achieve excellent account management teams, using a state-of-the-art hybrid training & coaching program KtotK VATP (Virtual Account Management Program)

During and after the pandemic, this program has proven to empower account teams around the globe in a sustainable manner, without the need for traveling and accommodation costs

KtotK and KPMG have successfully completed a project with a KPMG team of management consultants.


From left to right: Peter Weertman trainer coach KtotK, Gijsbert Sigmond Manager digital proces management, Dirk Kiers Senior manager & community lead bij KPMG Nederland, Lars van Zomeren senior manager digital transformation and sourcing strategy, Anouk Suijkerbuijk Senior manager procurement advisory, Michiel van Oijen Manager digital process excellence, Hylke Stelpstra Manager finance & business services, Victor van den Berg Senior Manager at KPMG Advisory finance & business services, Jan Jansen trainer coach KtotK, Simon Plasmeijer Manager digital sourcing finance & business services.

Over the past 7 months, we have successfully worked with KMPG’s team on the basis of our new KtotK Virtual Account Management Training Programme to increase commercial effectiveness.

In this concept we train and coach the teams – after a face-to-face intake –  with short monthly virtual interventions on individual Must Win Deals. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

Friday December 16th we completed this training and coaching with the awarding of the certificates. A milestone we celebrated. As developers of this training concept, we have learned from this format and worked out how this format can work even more effectively in the near future.

Greg has over 20 years of international corporate experience in the areas of account management, sales, and digital learning and development. He has worked for, and with, companies such as Orange Mobile, American Express GBT and Ericsson. His drive is to motivate and support others to excel in their account management/sales roles.

Seasons greetings

Seasons greetings