Greg has over 20 years of international corporate experience in the areas of account management, sales, and digital learning and development. He has worked for, and with, companies such as Orange Mobile, American Express GBT and Ericsson. His drive is to motivate and support others to excel in their account management/sales roles.

Seasons greetings

Seasons greetings

KtotK groeit met haar “virtuele” tijd mee en heeft support nodig van een grafische designer. Ons Virtueel Accountmanagement Programma verzorgen wij in een blended Learning omgeving, waarin wij digitaal leren en toepassen ondersteunen met compacte virtuele en face to face workshops. Voor onze visuals(o.a. prestaties) zoeken wij een ZZP er die ons in de komende maanden vanaf 1 december op projectbasis kan versterken. Kandidaat? bel svp met Jan Jansen 0653290938 of Peter Weertman 0642810147

KtotK and Promote have signed an agreement, enabling KtotK to implement the KtotK training and coaching methodology through virtual access – a long cherished wish. The corona moment of truth inspired the KtotK team to speed up this development. KtotK will use the Promote software platform to built its “Virtual Accountmanagement Workshop Platform”.

The Virtual Accountmanagement Workshop Platform (VAWP) is an online learning and knowledge transfer platform for preparation of virtual workshops, combined with the virtual workshops. Students and learners will undergo a learning journey that gives them full value return on their training investment: an investment without expenses such as travel or other subsistence expenses. VAWP supports all kinds of training and coaching, making it easier to engage in a virtual training environment.

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PPC stands forPeople-Process-Coaching, a development concept for account teams and their leaders working in the B2B market, facing complex customer buying cycles.

  • People; Acquire insight in the complete picture of available natural strengths and skillsets, enabling to uncover the rich seam of untapped potential. Establishment of personalized development plans based on potential and talents , both for individuals and teams.
  • Process; Customer-centric training concept to challenge and develop the potential of account managers and leaders, thus creating more customer value.
  • Coaching; Anchoring of the potential of the account team on a daily basis by collegues and coaching by leaders, based on the created coaching platform

Seasons greetings from the team at K tot K!

Sales Excellence is far more than skills alone. Attitude, behavior and discipline should also be challenged. We coached the team of managers of a market leader in sealing profiles in Slovenia and they were conviced and motivated to do so with their teams. Slovenia is a splendid place to visit and work. Ljubiljana a wonderfull city.

Odin Company and KtotK have started their cooperation in a project for the management team of one of KtotK’s clients. Odin has developed the Odin Developement Compass. For more information see

As a partner of Odin, KtotK will use ODC to strengthen its KtotK Assurance Circle methodology to challenge and develop  sales teams and sales leaders to grow their business, make it more profitable and prepare them to be more competitive.