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Next Level Commercieel Leiderschaps programma

Zijn de leden van jouw accountteam in staat om de waarde van de oplossingen van jouw bedrijf in alle fases van de Customer Buying Cycle voor de klant te creëren? En hoe kun jij jouw commerciële leiderschapskwaliteiten daarvoor inzetten en verder ontwikkelen? Het Next Level Commercieel Leiderschap Programma geeft jou, in combinatie met de Keyscan […]

Next Level Commercial Leadership Program

Are the members of your account team able to create the value of your company’s solutions for the customer at all phases of the Customer Buying Cycle? And how can you use and further develop your commercial leadership qualities for this purpose?The Next Level Commercial Leadership Program, in combination with the Keyscan CBC methodology, gives […]


Commercial training ‘Customer-oriented acceleration’ completed by (commercial) managers Mourik Industry

In line with Mourik Industry’s Route ’25 strategy, KtotK has developed the commercial training ‘Customer-oriented acceleration’ for Mourik. A team of 36 commercial managers successfully completed this training last year. In five inspiring sessions, the Mourik team worked on their commercial strategy and the associated new skills. The aim of the training was to learn […]


Commerciële training ‘Klantgericht versnellen’ afgerond door (commerciële) leidinggevenden Mourik Industry

In lijn met Mourik Industry’s strategie Route ’25 heeft KtotK de commerciële training ‘Klantgericht versnellen’ ontwikkeld voor Mourik. Een team van 36 commerciële leidinggevenden heeft deze training het afgelopen jaar met succes doorlopen. In vijf inspirerende sessies heeft het team van Mourik gewerkt aan hun commerciële strategie en de daarbij horende nieuwe vaardigheden. Het doel […]

Hans Kriens joins KtotK Team

Hans Kriens joins out team as new trainer/coach. Hans is very experienced in the coaching of professionals that operate in the world of complex purchasing cycles. Together, Hans and Jan have signed the cooperation agreement, whereby Hans will join the KtotK team as a trainer/coach.


Account-Based Engagement for Key Account Success requires team performance of Marketing & Account Management

Account Based-Engagement conveys the integration between marketing & account management to defend & grow future business with Key accounts. It integrates Account-Based Marketing and Account Management Excellence (ABM & AME). It requires a well thought out account strategy and close cooperation between account management & marketing. Why is this Marketing & Key Account Management team […]


Account-Based Engagement

How to use Account-Based Engagement (ABE) for your Key Account success Account Based-Engagement conveys the integration between marketing & sales to grow future business with Platinum- or Key accounts. It integrates Account-Based Marketing and Account Management Excellence. It requires a well-thought-out strategy and close cooperation between account management, marketing and other disciplines like service in […]


KtotK and Keyminds join forces

KtotK and Keyminds have decided to integrate the KtotK Account Management Excellence and Keyminds’ Keyscan. They have agreed to join forces and work together to market their co-creation. For information on Keyminds go to keyminds.nl With its product Keyscan, Keyminds is a specialist in development assessment, discovering the hidden capabilities and full potential of account […]