KtotK and Keyminds have decided to integrate the KtotK Account Management Excellence and Keyminds’ Keyscan. They have agreed to join forces and work together to market their co-creation. For information on Keyminds go to keyminds.nl

With its product Keyscan, Keyminds is a specialist in development assessment, discovering the hidden capabilities and full potential of account managers during the specific phases of the Customer Buying Cycle.

KtotK has developed the Hybrid Account Management Excellence Training Program. This program was designed with the Customer Buying Cycle in mind, with special focus on the customers’ decision making process at all stages. In its Account Management Excellence Training Program, KtotK addresses this potential and challenges the Account Managers – and the Accountteam – to develop their full potential.

There are 4 phases in the Customer Buying Cycle (CBC). KtotK covers these phases with 5 KtotK Excellence Training Interventions:

  1. Concretise the Needs by “Value Awareness”
  2. The Selection Proces by “Become#1”
  3. The Purchase by “Partner”
  4. The Implementation of the Solution by “Relation Excellence, and
  5. Becoming a “Trusted Partner”.

Every phase of the Customer Buying Cycle requires specific competences by both the Account Manager and the Account Team.

Both Keyminds and KtotK are looking forward to cooperate in this joint effort allowing synergy to strengthen their proposition.

On the picture from left to right Willemijn Jüttner, Willem Jüttner (both Keyminds) and Jan Jansen (KtotK)