In 2022, the management team of Rondal decided to develop and start implementing a new and robust strategy for its commercial activities. And chose KtotK to assist in the process. Rondal is part of Royal Huisman Group and has evolved into a carbon fibre specialist –  building parts and components for many award-winning super-yacht builders around the globe.


Jan Jansen proudly wearing the Rondal sailing outfit on his trip around Sardinië and Corsica.

About KtotK

KtotK (Kontakt to Kontrakt) supports companies working in the B2B environment that are confronted with complex buying cycles, and helps them achieve excellent account management teams, using a state-of-the-art hybrid training & coaching program KtotK VATP (Virtual Account Management Program)

During and after the pandemic, this program has proven to empower account teams around the globe in a sustainable manner, without the need for traveling and accommodation costs